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The GX catalog is pairing sustainability attributes with the typical product specifications so that members can clearly view and understand both the general product information as well as why a product was determined to be “green.”

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Utilizing industry and member expertise, our subcommittees peel back information on each supply category under review and determine what specific criteria should be used to evaluate it’s sustainability attributes. After determining what those attributes should be, our contracting team leverages our members collective purchase volume to establish pricing that, in most cases is the same or better than the alternate products (non-environmentally preferred). 

Aggregating Demand

At GX, our members drive what is included in the GX catalog. We work with them to understand their needs, priorities, and performance requirements. By working together, we can send a strong market signal about demand for products that are safer for our health, our communities and our environment.

Developing Specifications

We are hard at work, setting products specifications and developing screening criteria to identify products that meet the needs of our health care members: for performance, cost, and environmental, health and community benefits.

A Growing Portfolio of Products

Our catalog (coming this fall) will feature green products at competitive prices. 

Our starting point: products that position our members to meet purchasing targets outlined in the Healthier Hospitals Challenges.

Tell us what green products are on your wish list.

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